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Super Dean, The Stars and Stripes and I need a hobby.

Friday // 6:20 p.m.

Blog… the last thing on the list.

Cameroni is chillin on the couch, Jon is probably in his garage working on his swing, and James is dancing on his head somewhere. I need a hobby.

It’s been a great week, we wrapped up a few projects the table is set for next week. It’s always a roller coaster but who would want it any other way?!

I’ll quit my yappin and share some work with you guys.

First… not by any special order.

Super Dean!!

West Texas Plasma!!

The Star Series… Cameron came up with the name.


And Last but not least… Len Walker.




It’s almost February,

Hard to believe that January is almost over and February is right around the corner.
My birthday is next month and I’m pretty excited about it, but not as excited as this weeks pick for “James’s Jams.”  The first time I ever heard “The Black Keys,” I could of swore these guys were African American, but they’re are not.  They are just a couple of white guys with a ton of soul! “I Got Mine,”  was the first song I heard from them and now I own all of their EPs and LPs.  I suggest “The Black Keys,” to anyone that loves funk and soul music!

Finally…. Cameroni’s Corner
So far 2017 has been a blast so I’m excited to keep up the momentum. One thing I want to do this year is start bringing more ideas from the drawing board to reality and next week I’m putting together a power point to explain exactly what that is. Also how to profit from it. Who knows I may even just publish a book before this year is over. Keep your internet dial locked here, and get a sneak peak of what is yet to come for Creative Cannon 2017.
As always, thanks for reading guys… have a great weekend.

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