2:30 p.m.
With only 19 more days left in the year, the crunch is definitely on. It’s been a great year and we’re doing the best we can to finish strong.
I could spend a lot of time looking back but I’ll sum it up by saying that we wouldn’t be where we are without all our great clients. We’ve
learned a lot and everyday our team continues to move in the right direction. So as always, thanks for reading.
This week we’ll share a drone shot with you guys, a new DWI spot from our friend Len Walker, and West Texas Plasma’s first spot!
A lot of our content is usually posted up on our Facebook Page so if you’re interested check us out over there. Of course we’re always looking
for feedback so let us know you’re thoughts.
Now then…
It’s that time of the year!
We’re a couple of weeks away from Christmas and things are busier than ever.  We’re all in the process of finishing projects all while crossing things off our Christmas lists.  I put Christmas lights up this weekend so I figured I would blast Christmas music in the process.  I played “Blue Christmas,” by Elvis Presley.  In fact, I ended up listening to his whole Christmas album.  I love this time of the year and I’m truly grateful for all my friends, family and all my blessings.


And Finally…
Let’s just say the Christmas – New Year Fever has set in with the boy.
No conspiracy theories today just some solid news. It’s an interesting read. Check this article
out when you get a chance.
He keeps talking about it (for the last 9 months now, at least) so, this could be the week that
Cameroni finally records his first podcast. Stay tuned.