The Creatives Behind the Magic.


David Martinez // Owner / Director of Account Services

Meet David Martinez, the visionary entrepreneur and proud owner of Creative Cannon. With over 23 years of dedicated service and passion for his craft, David has traversed an inspiring journey in the world of marketing and branding. Under his astute leadership, Creative Cannon has flourished, and he thanks GOD everyday for the opportunity to lead the amazing crew that makes up CC.

Before venturing into the realm of marketing and branding, David enjoyed a successful career in television. For a decade, he honed his skills and expertise in the broadcasting industry first as a videographer, skillfully capturing moments and creating visual stories that resonated with viewers.
Followed by 5 years behind the camera as a news reporter and anchor.

“Amarillo's my home and my goal is to make sure every one of our clients gets the very best from our team. We've covered a lot of ground we couldn't have done without our clients."

In his off time, David is an advocate for community service. He is actively involved as the Marketing Committee Chair for Meals on Wheels of Amarillo as well as Southwest Ambucs.


Bingo // Client Support Officer

Meet Bingo, the Client Support Officer at Creative Cannon.

He's got a paw-sitive attitude and always has hugs ready for whoever needs them! Bingo's job is to make sure clients get the best service and support possible. He's always happy to welcome guests and lend a paw during client meetings. Everyone in the office loves him because he brings so much joy and charm to the place. Bingo's duties include keeping clients happy and solving their problems quickly.

When he's not working hard, he's napping in his favorite cozy spot or making sure everyone is staying on track (even if it means chasing them down the hall!). Bingo is the ultimate team player and always puts a smile on people's faces. Creative Cannon wouldn't be the same without him!


Geovanni Cruz // Graphics Manager / Social Media Director / Remote Pilot In Command (FAA Certified)

Howdy or hello, depending on where you're from… I was born and raised in Amarillo and I’m a WTAMU graduate. I’ve always been drawn to the creative world by the video games I played as a kid, the awesomeness of electronic music, and the adventures I had as a kid. When I’m not creating, you can find me in one of the many virtual worlds of gaming, working on cars, or planning my next club adventure. Give us a call or shoot us an email and let’s discuss your social media game, design, or branding…I'm also an excellent drone pilot (sometimes I fly into nature…please don't tell my boss…just kidding about the nature part)


Gabe Gonzales // Production Assistant

Greetings! I'm a passionate creative soul who embarked on my journey with Creative Cannon as an intern during the onset of the pandemic and officially became a part of the team in July 2021.

My thirst for knowledge and love for creative media led me to pursue an Associate's degree in Mass Media at Amarillo College. Currently, I'm diligently working towards achieving my Bachelor's degree at WTAMU, where I'm honing my skills and finding my creative spirit.

Ever since I was old enough to walk, I've been an avid gamer and a devoted movie enthu­siast, immersing myself in virtual worlds and captivating stories on a daily basis. Among all the fantastic films, the South Korean masterpiece “Parasite" holds a special place in my heart, igniting my admiration for storytelling and visual aesthetics.

While my interests once leaned toward graphic design during my early high school years, a transformative revelation occurred during my junior year. I discovered that the realm of photo/ videography allowed me to leverage my talents and allowed me to express boundless creativity behind the camera lens.

As I continue to explore and evolve as a creative professional, I'm thrilled to capture life's moments through a camera lens and translate them into captivating stories that resonate with audiences.


Judith Alvarez // Social Media Manager

Introducing Judith Alvarez, a vibrant resident of Amarillo whose journey has been marked by success and passion. Judith obtained her Business Marketing Degree from West Texas ASM and has embraced and carved a path of excellence in the marketing world.

In the past, Judith's exceptional skills led her to thrive as the Membership and Marketing Director at the prestigious Amarillo Club, where she adeptly crafted impactful strategies and fostered lasting connections.

Judith's creativity and social media prowess are at the forefront of her role at Creative Cannon, where she skillfully manages Social Media and Video Production for Cannonball Weddings, delighting clients and audiences alike.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Judith's heart lies in cherishing the simple joys of life. On her days off, she enjoys spending time with her puppy Bingo, friends, and family. Whether exploring the outdoors or unwinding at home, Judith's ability to find joy in the little moments reflects her genuine and wholesome nature.


Tyron Carter // Digital Content Creator

Tyron Carter was born and raised in Amarillo, TX. At an early age, Tyron was able to gain experience working for a family-owned local business. Working at his father's T. V. repair shop off and on for over a decade, Tyron learned the value of every dollar a local business brings in and how important local businesses are to the community.

Tyron Carter received a Bachelor's in Mass Media from The Prairie View ASM University. Tyron has always had a passion for creating video content and has worked with video in some aspect for over 20 years. After graduation, Tyron worked in a variety of atmo­spheres all while showcasing a variety of skills. Tyron worked as a Marketing Coordinator at a university, a DJ, a news video editor, and also in administration.

These skills Tyron has acquired shine in any situation and his work ethic and ability to bring a vision to life reflect that. When he isn't creating content for valued clients, Tyron likes to golf, read, hike, and travel.

Legacy Gents

Richard Brooks, Great Friend of the Creative Cannon Crew

Richard Brooks // Refreshment Manager

It’s not everyday you get this caliber of a man at your disposal.  Mr. Brooks is our Consultant, our Friend, our Neighbor, and most importantly The Refreshment Manager.  He always has the coldest drinks, the freshest smokes, and above all else… the best stories ever told.  This man is a GODSEND and we probably would have killed each other by now if it wasn’t for this man of many talents.  Every team needs an anchor and Richard Brooks is ours.

Jon Galloway, Founder of Creative Cannon Advertising

Jon Galloway // Founder

Jon opened the doors to Creative Cannon on January 1st 2012. Jon continues to be a close friend and lives in Canyon with his wife, son, and their three dogs.