Friday, Friday, Friday, where have you been all week.

It’s been a long one but a good one. I’m just glad we’re all still alive, don’t forget, according to our local meteorologists we were suppose to be seeing the beginning of the end right around this time. But once again, their story’s changed and we’re left scratching our heads. If Chicken Little got what was coming to him, then why not this group of gypsies? Guess what Bozo, it’s winter so wear a jacket. Layers. If it gets warm, take a layer off. It’s going to be windy. Get use to it. Sometimes we get a fast spring, I mean a really fast spring! When that time called summer shows up, you can quit wearing layers, unless you like stripping. Then another time called fall will show up and we’ll have this thing called winter to look forward to. During Fall, you can drink that pumpkin spice drink from Starbucks, but you should shop local so just go to Roasters. And if you need to know what the weathers going to be like… just look out the window or use you’re smartphone… download an app. Quit falling for it.

By the way, what did happen to Chicken Little? It depends on the version. I like the version where the fox got him.

That’s called a rant!

Back to business, I’m not bitter. Business is good!

We’ve had a series of meetings with some local business owners this week. Once again I have to thank our Friend/Client Trent Morgan. Getting to leave the office always helps mix it up but when you get to sit with a potential client it’s always interesting and encouraging to meet people who share your same goals.

Friday is always a good day but today we tentatively scratched a tank ride into the calendar! We can’t wait! Next week, we’ll be sharing a new spot from Len Walker and hopefully our newest workout video, Rift Fit Yoga.

Have a good weekend and as always, thanks for reading!

And now…



I know we just started 2017 but I’m already in need of a vacation!  Earlier this week I was at home working on “Rift Yoga,” which will be coming to a DVD player near you!  One of my favorite things to listen to when I’m editing some footage is classical music.  There is just something about classical music that keeps me focused and creative for hours at a time!  Sergei Rachmaninoff is one of my favorite composers and pianist of the 21st century.  I was recently listening to “The Best of Rachmaninoff,” and the first few songs reminded me of when I went to Disney World.  I literally sat there for 10 minutes and reminisced about how much fun I had that week.  Anyway,  I suggest classical music to any video editor out there its a great way to stay focused and creative.
And Last but Not Least…
Cameroni’s Corner,
Hello this is a special message from Cameron. Besides this website you may recognize me from attorney Len Walker’s latest commercial. Airing on Fox News in the mornings. Yesterday I while working out I was spotted for that very ad. Now I’m no stranger to being recognized on the street, from James’ Snap Chats, and resembling B-list celebrities, but this was a first for me. It felt good to know that my work as a stand in commercial actor hadn’t gone unnoticed. They say everybody gets their 15 minutes of fame but I have a feeling I still have 14 minutes left. In the words of the late David Bowie, “I’m an instant star, just add water.” I feel like that quote really sums up my week. Very soon I’ll be posting links to my new podcast, recording in front of a live studio audience soundboard. Featuring guests and occasional callers I think this will be the podcast Amarillo and the world has been waiting for. Stay Tuned.