Election Day is finally here and that’s about all we’re going to say about that… because there’s too much to say.

Later this week we’ll be showcasing our newest client’s website… Cameron did a heck of a job and we’re happy to have these guys onboard.

It’s Jon’s Birthday… so we’re doing our best job to stuff him with as much food as possible. We had the “best burger in town” at the Canyon Country Club. Double Meat, Double Cheese, with Bacon for the 31 year old.

I tried to photoshop Jon and failed, so this is obviously not him but that cheeseburger certainly looks a lot like the one he had for lunch today.

Jon Galloway Look Alike eats a Cheeseburger

Now it’s time… for…. drumroll….


After the shoot, you have to review!

As a video editor it’s my job to review every piece of footage from a shoot, make notes, and of course, put the video together.  I’ll have to admit, things get a little tiresome at times especially when there are 2-3 hours of footage to review, but I’ve found a remedy.  “BOOM” by P.O.D. has been on repeat this entire weekend as I review footage.  This song will have you pumped to work, or in my case, pumped to review footage.  Most definitely add this song to your “get things done” music list and prepare to… get things done!
And Last but Not Least….
As we gear up for the Holidays and try to burn off that Halloween Candy that we get from Karol down the hall,  Cameroni wants to encourage physical fitness this week. If you or any of your loved ones are looking for an alternative to jumping on top of boxes, Cameroni says why not kick somebody in the stomach instead. For those of you who don’t know, Cameroni is an Orange Belt and trains at Amarillo Martial Arts Center. You should check it out.
That’s it!!
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