Sorry for the delay but somebody has to work around here!!

The entire crew has been busy and that’s the way we like it. We have several projects in the works and we’re putting all the pieces together.

A big thanks to Carlos Casso over at Audio Refinery, he has one of the best studios in town and is great to work with. If you’re a Hank the Cowdog fan, all those audio books are recorded under his steady eye.




Like I said we’ve been busy so before I forget, this pic of these two characters is from Tascosa High School last Thursday. We’ve been doing a little work for our friends Aaron and Ashley Oakes. We’ll keep you updated.

Dinner is calling so I’ll wrap it up with….



The subject tonight… Cameron’s Halloween Costume.

Ken Bone… Ladies and Gentleman


By now you’ve probably heard of this red sweatered specimen. He’s one of the few Americans selected to ask our lovely Presidential Candidates a question during the latest debate.

And Cameron is fascinated… to say the least. Look him up. I’m not lying, you can actually buy a Halloween Costume and look like Mr. Ken Bone. Why not Right?

Cameroni… trend setter???  No doubt.


Meanwhile back at the Ranch, we have a new addition!!



I’m not going to overwhelm you but if you’re looking to get through the week, James’ Jams could be just what the Doctor ordered.

From James:

“When it’s time to work you want something that’s going to keep you in a great mood all day, something with a beat, something with a little bit of funk, and that something is “Parliament Funkadelic.”  That good ol’ funk will keep you focused on your work and have you dancing in your chair all day.”

screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-7-39-38-pm Here’s a picture!!

Great stuff James… he’s not lying about the “dancing in your chair” part at all btw.


I’m still looking for something for Jon so suggestions are still needed!!


That’s it… so from all of us to all of you… Go Vote.


David’s going home now!!

And Thanks for Reading!!