In case you haven’t heard this album… do it.

It’s much needed after a Tuesday that felt like a Monday.


Creative Cannon is full steam ahead and I’m sure just like everyone else who’s out there working away, you better catch your breath because

that train’s not stopping.


img_2246 Here’s a cool pic I forgot to share from Friday. It’s always awesome when you get to see some of your work on the big screen.

A big thanks to Trent Morgan, who keeps us busy and keeps trusting us with all his needs. If you need a new roof for that house of yours give Morgan & Myers Roofing and Exteriors LLC a Call !!

Time to get back to work! But I haven’t forgotten…. drum roll please!!



In case you didn’t know it, Today, 10.4.16, was recognized around the globe as Taco Tuesday and Cameroni Celebrated like there was no tomorrow.

How many taco’s did he eat???!!!  4

4 Torchys Tacos and chips and queso… topped by a double scoop bowl from Marble Slab.

The best part… as we were leaving Torchys he asks, “Do I get to keep this?!”

Yes, you get to keep that beautiful white plastic Torchys cup.

He says it’s his new water cup.

Yup, all that happened… branding folks. Hook, line and sinker.


Also stay tuned for James’ Jams… he’s working on a playlist.

And I’m looking for something for Jon to do, so any suggestions are very welcome!!


** There was a minor change on the name…

Formerly Cameron’s Corner is now Cameroni’s Corner… you get it. We’re also working on the spelling of that.