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It’s been a busy couple weeks around here which is always good. There have been some changes made around the office. We’re looking for a new segment besides Cameroni’s Corner so if you have a suggestion we’d like to hear from you.

Here’s a heads up for any of you who own your own home or business. In case your roof starts to leak, call Morgan & Myers. They’ll hook you up with a Free Estimate to help you figure out the problem. Call Trent or Chane or Reagan, they’re all equally great and will help you out with any of your home or business needs.

Here’s our latest spots for Attorney Len Walker. He’s the kind of guy you need if you ever get in a jam.

We received some good news early last week. Just like last year, this year we’ll have the pleasure of working with the Amarillo Botanical Gardens. They’re great clients and it’s always a nice break from the office. If you haven’t been go check them out! The lineup for Music in the Gardens is almost complete and should make for a great summer!


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Cameroni’s Corner… Settle In

Does anyone still go to the movies nowadays? I’ve always been a fan of movies. Growing up out in the country, I’ve lived a good portion of my life without dish or internet connection, so the next best thing was movies. And we had a very large collection. I always appreciated a well made film and enjoyed watching movies from China because you could tell the aesthetics of every shot were considered. Also because China is a fascinating place. Soon we may all be seeing more Chinese influence on American cinema. One of China’s wealthiest billionaire Wang Jianlin has been buying up Hollywood entertainment properties for years.

Wang Jianlin

Recently he spent 2.6 billion for AMC theatres, the countries 2nd largest cinema chain. He also grabbed up Legendary Entertainment for 3.5 billion. You might recognize this production company name from some movies like Interstellar, Inception, Pacific Rim, The Dark Knight Rises and The Hangover. Wang Jianlins company the Dailan Wanda Group now have the rights to the Golden Globes, the American Music Awards, the Miss America Pageant, and New Years Rockin Eve in Times Square. He acquired these when he bought Dick Clark Productions, an American company that has been around since the 1950’s. People are now starting to get concerned that China and Japan have too much control over what’s entertaining the American people. Columbia Pictures, a company always associated with the USA was bought by Sony. MGM is another company no longer controlled in America. Ever seen a Paramount Pictures movie? Well now 49% of Paramount is owned by none other than Wang Jianlin. Is this a bad thing or will this inspire American companies to try harder and out revenue their foreign competitors. The only way to know for sure is to wait and see. And Next time you see beautifully placed cinematic shots and Pro-Chinese messages at the movies just keep in mind what country is making them