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A Scary Movie, A Trip to the Hospital & The Gang Drinks a Bucket

Friday // 5 p.m.// Suite 917
Here we are again… Jon’s pacing the room dying to leave while Cameron’s Man Bun Continues to grow by the second.
It’s been another busy week on the ninth floor, but that’s how we like it. If all goes as planned March will be one of our busiest months so far.
Here’s a quick look back at the week gone by!
Optimum Rope Access Solutions, the website is coming right along. A big thanks to Todd Bentley, we haven’t seen him in a while but work is moving right along while he’s out doing some Spiderman stuff somewhere.
If that’s not a run on sentence then here’s a big thanks to my English teacher Mrs. McCoy in Perryton, TX.
Optimum Rope Access Solutions, Amarillo TX.
The Amarillo Botanical Gardens are alive and well, if you need a nice quite lunch break, it’s the perfect place.

Cameron ran Audio, Jon did the shooting, our friend Austin Ulen got behind the lens, and I ran around like a maniac.
All this happened while the true stars, Reagan Gamble and Gerald Campsey nailed their lines for Morgan & Myers new spot.
Disregard Cameron’s look of disdain.
Creative Cannon & Morgan & Myers  Creative Cannon & Morgan & Myers
Brainstorming… Lots of Brainstorming. Followed by more Brainstorming for Dean Boyd.
Here’s the newest spot though!
Thursday Part Two
We did take a little break… at Hoots. Ever heard of Ian Moore? He was there, and we might have had a bucket of Shiner. Just one though.
Here’s some spectacular video footage from my awesome iPhone. I lied… It’s taking way to long to compress. Here’s the song. Some of you might remember this guy.

 Friday Friday Friday…
This Guy Stopped By… that’s Diego. My nephews are in town and they’re swimming so you know where I’m going.
Thanks for reading! Have a good weekend and Take Care!!  I leave you with Cameroni’s Corner.
Little Mario... Creative Cannon.
 In this weeks Cameroni’s Corner…
 Cameroni Reviews the Movie “Get Out”

(No spoilers here)

Time after time I’ve left the movie theatre disappointed after buying a ticket for a “scary” movie. Since the paranormal activity era started in 2007 many filmmakers saw something that worked with that movie and just copied it. Even the makers of Paranormal Activity just copied their concepts to make a second film, and a third, and so on. Sinister and Insidious went a different route than the found footage genre but still could not compare to something like Stanley Kubrick’s The Shinning. Until Now. 2017 has been a good year for scary movies and it’s not even close to Halloween. First was M. Night Shyamalan’s Split. After watching Split I had a realization that not all horror movies were going to be awful. Then weeks later I set down for Get Out. I was excited from the trailers but didn’t know what to expect. I’ve been a fan of Jordan Peele since his MadTV days and Key and Peele so I figured something written by him would be fresh. It was a modern blend of Stepford Wives and the Shinning. The movie hypnotizes you in a way similar to the literal scenes within it. This opening shot really reminded me of the beginning of the Shinning with a helicopter shot flying over a winding rocky mountain road. Get Out’s opening is even more simple but just as effective as you see passing trees from the perspective of a car passenger with Childish Gambino’s latest album playing in the background. Speaking of music the score in the movie is what I consider the most ideal horror movie score with violins playing at the right times. You can expect to see gore, jump scares, and a heavy dose of suspense. Peele took horror movie cliches and changed some and kept some to really throw the audience off guard. Expect a great deal of creepy moments that can give you the chills. It had everything I was expecting to see in a horror movie but then went even further with great cinematography and acting. The main actor is actually from the UK and can cry on command so go check it out.

Waking Up at 6

Friday // 5:20 p.m.

I never would have thought I’d be the type that would wake up at six in the morning but I was wrong. It’s starting to happen and I don’t really like it. I wonder what’s next.

We always like to share with you some of the projects we’ve knocked out or are working on. There are quite a few things in the works so I’m limited with what I can share but
I will tell you that one of our coolest new clients is Todd Bentley with Optimum Rope Access Solutions. He’s a great guy with a lot of ideas.

If you’d like to know more about him please check out his Facebook.

Optimum Rope Access Solutions

We are currently in search for a new team member and we have a few candidates we’re in the process of talking to so we hope to have that situation figured out very soon. Those two guys have

been very patient so a big thank you to them.

Not too much meat this time, but as always thanks for reading. Time to get back to work.

Cameroni’s Corner…

There’s a new driver in town.

Most people by now have heard about Uber and know how it works. It’s like a nationwide cab company that allows it’s employees to work their own hours as long as Uber gets their slice of the pie. In the past few years cab companies in major cities have been struggling because of Uber and if you go somewhere like New York then you’ll find parking lots full of yellow cabs that were in business just half a decade ago. As for Amarillo I have only ridden in a cab once and an Uber once so my experience is split. Now we have a new player in town, Lyft. This is very similar to Uber and is set up as a ride sharing service. They have recently opened up in 54 cities across the country. Lyft has a huge potential to be the next Uber because Uber is currently at a loss of 3 billion. To giant companies like Amazon, being at a billion dollar loss is no big deal, if you can bounce back from it. Many believe Uber’s business dealings have been unethical and they have took advantage of their workforce. After taxes and giving Uber what the driver signs up for the cost of driving for them just isn’t worth the time put into driving strangers around. Plus the vehicle your using as a taxi has to be at least 10 years old so that’s another huge expense. Ubers only way get out of the rut is to use self automated cars. Ford is already planning to release the first self driving car by 2021. That would eliminate its workforce but also eliminate the possibility of bad publicity that Uber has been getting recently. Unless the whole plot from 2004’s iRobot plays out, then that would be bad publicity.

It’s Been a While

Tuesday // Noonish // Valentines Day //

For those of you read and share our blog posts, thank you.

It’s been a busy couple weeks around here which is always good. There have been some changes made around the office. We’re looking for a new segment besides Cameroni’s Corner so if you have a suggestion we’d like to hear from you.

Here’s a heads up for any of you who own your own home or business. In case your roof starts to leak, call Morgan & Myers. They’ll hook you up with a Free Estimate to help you figure out the problem. Call Trent or Chane or Reagan, they’re all equally great and will help you out with any of your home or business needs.

Here’s our latest spots for Attorney Len Walker. He’s the kind of guy you need if you ever get in a jam.

We received some good news early last week. Just like last year, this year we’ll have the pleasure of working with the Amarillo Botanical Gardens. They’re great clients and it’s always a nice break from the office. If you haven’t been go check them out! The lineup for Music in the Gardens is almost complete and should make for a great summer!


Again, thanks to all of you for taking the time to read and if you have any ideas for a new segment let us know!

Now then…

Cameroni’s Corner… Settle In

Does anyone still go to the movies nowadays? I’ve always been a fan of movies. Growing up out in the country, I’ve lived a good portion of my life without dish or internet connection, so the next best thing was movies. And we had a very large collection. I always appreciated a well made film and enjoyed watching movies from China because you could tell the aesthetics of every shot were considered. Also because China is a fascinating place. Soon we may all be seeing more Chinese influence on American cinema. One of China’s wealthiest billionaire Wang Jianlin has been buying up Hollywood entertainment properties for years.

Wang Jianlin

Recently he spent 2.6 billion for AMC theatres, the countries 2nd largest cinema chain. He also grabbed up Legendary Entertainment for 3.5 billion. You might recognize this production company name from some movies like Interstellar, Inception, Pacific Rim, The Dark Knight Rises and The Hangover. Wang Jianlins company the Dailan Wanda Group now have the rights to the Golden Globes, the American Music Awards, the Miss America Pageant, and New Years Rockin Eve in Times Square. He acquired these when he bought Dick Clark Productions, an American company that has been around since the 1950’s. People are now starting to get concerned that China and Japan have too much control over what’s entertaining the American people. Columbia Pictures, a company always associated with the USA was bought by Sony. MGM is another company no longer controlled in America. Ever seen a Paramount Pictures movie? Well now 49% of Paramount is owned by none other than Wang Jianlin. Is this a bad thing or will this inspire American companies to try harder and out revenue their foreign competitors. The only way to know for sure is to wait and see. And Next time you see beautifully placed cinematic shots and Pro-Chinese messages at the movies just keep in mind what country is making them

Chicken Little, Classical Music and Cameron gets recognized.

Friday, Friday, Friday, where have you been all week.

It’s been a long one but a good one. I’m just glad we’re all still alive, don’t forget, according to our local meteorologists we were suppose to be seeing the beginning of the end right around this time. But once again, their story’s changed and we’re left scratching our heads. If Chicken Little got what was coming to him, then why not this group of gypsies? Guess what Bozo, it’s winter so wear a jacket. Layers. If it gets warm, take a layer off. It’s going to be windy. Get use to it. Sometimes we get a fast spring, I mean a really fast spring! When that time called summer shows up, you can quit wearing layers, unless you like stripping. Then another time called fall will show up and we’ll have this thing called winter to look forward to. During Fall, you can drink that pumpkin spice drink from Starbucks, but you should shop local so just go to Roasters. And if you need to know what the weathers going to be like… just look out the window or use you’re smartphone… download an app. Quit falling for it.

By the way, what did happen to Chicken Little? It depends on the version. I like the version where the fox got him.

That’s called a rant!

Back to business, I’m not bitter. Business is good!

We’ve had a series of meetings with some local business owners this week. Once again I have to thank our Friend/Client Trent Morgan. Getting to leave the office always helps mix it up but when you get to sit with a potential client it’s always interesting and encouraging to meet people who share your same goals.

Friday is always a good day but today we tentatively scratched a tank ride into the calendar! We can’t wait! Next week, we’ll be sharing a new spot from Len Walker and hopefully our newest workout video, Rift Fit Yoga.

Have a good weekend and as always, thanks for reading!

And now…



I know we just started 2017 but I’m already in need of a vacation!  Earlier this week I was at home working on “Rift Yoga,” which will be coming to a DVD player near you!  One of my favorite things to listen to when I’m editing some footage is classical music.  There is just something about classical music that keeps me focused and creative for hours at a time!  Sergei Rachmaninoff is one of my favorite composers and pianist of the 21st century.  I was recently listening to “The Best of Rachmaninoff,” and the first few songs reminded me of when I went to Disney World.  I literally sat there for 10 minutes and reminisced about how much fun I had that week.  Anyway,  I suggest classical music to any video editor out there its a great way to stay focused and creative.
And Last but Not Least…
Cameroni’s Corner,
Hello this is a special message from Cameron. Besides this website you may recognize me from attorney Len Walker’s latest commercial. Airing on Fox News in the mornings. Yesterday I while working out I was spotted for that very ad. Now I’m no stranger to being recognized on the street, from James’ Snap Chats, and resembling B-list celebrities, but this was a first for me. It felt good to know that my work as a stand in commercial actor hadn’t gone unnoticed. They say everybody gets their 15 minutes of fame but I have a feeling I still have 14 minutes left. In the words of the late David Bowie, “I’m an instant star, just add water.” I feel like that quote really sums up my week. Very soon I’ll be posting links to my new podcast, recording in front of a live studio audience soundboard. Featuring guests and occasional callers I think this will be the podcast Amarillo and the world has been waiting for. Stay Tuned.

I Thought Today Was Friday…

Thursday, 5 p.m.

It’s been a good week. A Long One, But a Good One.

Two Weeks Ago, we thought laying on the couch for a couple weeks would do us some good. I’m sure that’s still the case but there’s no time for that now.

We’re proud to showcase the following video. West Texas Plasma is one of our newest clients. Jason Evans is a hard working guy who’s trusted us to help him take his Custom Metal Fabrication Shop to the next level and we’ve welcomed the challenge.

When you get a chance, check out

We also have a Very Big Thanks to throw out to Trent Morgan of Morgan & Myers Roofing and Exteriors LLC. His trust in us means a lot and we’re looking forward to 2017. Of course we couldn’t have done it without his sidekicks Reagan June Gamble and Chane Amdahl. I’ve never seen anybody eat a bag of sunflower seeds that fast Chane. Baller.

Since I’m thanking everyone, we can’t forget our good buddy Len Walker. He’s stuck with us through the good and the bad and somehow he keeps answering our phone calls. He even let Cameroni make his debut on the big screen in his newest spot.

Check it out.

On the Deagle Media front, we got a nice surprise this last week from our old friend Craig Tatum… ‘a.k.a.’ VUE.

We’re burning it at both ends to get him a quick turn in time for Christmas so wish us luck. If you see the lights on…. we didn’t forget to turn em off.

They cool thing about this shoot, I think it’s the first time James, Jon, and myself all got to shoot side by side. I think that’s pretty cool.

Jon Galloway, James Pompa, & David Martinez. The Three Amigos. The Three Amigos.


And Now…


We’re almost done!! Here we are, less than three days until Christmas and 9 days until 2017, which I happen to be super excited about.  I have a few more projects to finish before the end of the year but I’m running out of gas. So, I needed something this morning to pump me up. So I decided to put on “Eye of the Tiger,” by Survivor.  I was up this morning working on stuff at 5 a.m. all while doing push ups, hitting pieces of meat dangling from the ceiling and running a few miles.  Just kidding about all that but I was up at 5 this morning.


And Finally,
Unfortunately, Cameroni is not in the office to relay his wisdom to us all. So, I’ve made phone call to get the latest. He’s in Perryton recovering from a little surgery he had earlier this week.
Here’s a Picture from the hospital!! That’s James in the background.
Cameroni Goes to BSA!!
No answer which means he’s probably eating or playing video games, but rest assured he’s fine. I will tell you that when we visited him he was really happy because his hospital gown had a built in heater. I guess that’s an upside to getting your…. I’ll stop.
As always, thanks for taking the time to keep up with us. We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and I’m pretty sure we’ll be back before the New Year so until then.

Elvis Presley, Saturn, and A look back.

2:30 p.m.
With only 19 more days left in the year, the crunch is definitely on. It’s been a great year and we’re doing the best we can to finish strong.
I could spend a lot of time looking back but I’ll sum it up by saying that we wouldn’t be where we are without all our great clients. We’ve
learned a lot and everyday our team continues to move in the right direction. So as always, thanks for reading.
This week we’ll share a drone shot with you guys, a new DWI spot from our friend Len Walker, and West Texas Plasma’s first spot!
A lot of our content is usually posted up on our Facebook Page so if you’re interested check us out over there. Of course we’re always looking
for feedback so let us know you’re thoughts.
Now then…
It’s that time of the year!
We’re a couple of weeks away from Christmas and things are busier than ever.  We’re all in the process of finishing projects all while crossing things off our Christmas lists.  I put Christmas lights up this weekend so I figured I would blast Christmas music in the process.  I played “Blue Christmas,” by Elvis Presley.  In fact, I ended up listening to his whole Christmas album.  I love this time of the year and I’m truly grateful for all my friends, family and all my blessings.

And Finally…
Let’s just say the Christmas – New Year Fever has set in with the boy.
No conspiracy theories today just some solid news. It’s an interesting read. Check this article
out when you get a chance.
He keeps talking about it (for the last 9 months now, at least) so, this could be the week that
Cameroni finally records his first podcast. Stay tuned.

The Farm & Ranch Show, Santa, and Pizza Gate.

It’s been a busy week but a good one.

We hope everyone’s doing well and as always we thank you guys for taking the time to read our blog.

So, to catch you all up on the happenings around here.

We just wrapped up a three day stretch at the 2016 Amarillo Farm and Ranch Show with our wonderful clients Morgan & Myers Roofing and Exteriors LLC and Panhandle Seamless Gutters. They’re a great group and it’s never a dull moment thanks to the never ending, walking-talking, red bull drinking, Chane Amdahl and Reagan Gamble the Human Giggle Box. You’re cool too Christian.

Here’s a little something from Day 1. We’ll have a full wrap-up later. James is making his magic happen.

Here’s a cool pic from the Amarillo Botanical Gardens.

Amarillo Botanical Gardens

If you’ve never been you should check it out. There’s more than 200,000 lights out there lighting up the Gardens. They’re great clients and it’s always cool to see them showing us some love.

Just in case you missed it, Tiger Woods is back and Jon’s pumped.

When you get a chance read this article.

I mentioned snow in the title… so you can either look out the window and see what’s going on for yourself or trust me when I tell you it’s going to snow. Sooner or later it’s going to happen. Promise. Just keep Looking.

Now then,


It was a Busy week at the Farm and Ranch Show.  I spent 3 days shooting footage for Morgan & Myers and Panhandle Seamless Gutters.  I was a little gassed mentally by Thursday but I needed to finish the job strong.  I obviously always work with music and this time I needed something to pump me up and get me going.  I automatically typed in “Turn down for what,”  by DJ Snake and just like that I was reenergized!  I was dancing down the aisles smiling and waiving at people, needless to say I got all the shots I needed.

The Power of Music!

And last but not least,
This week’s conspiracy is called Pizza Gate.
I still haven’t watched it so I’m not too sure what you’re getting yourself into when you click on the link below so good luck and thanks for reading!! Have good weekend everybody!!!

Someone’s Been Slacking

Sorry about that… I guess we got a little busy.

We want you all to get to know our newest client. Jason Evans, and his whole crew at West Texas Plasma. Jason’s very talented and has years of experience as a Custom Metal Fabricator. If you’re in the market for a custom Jeep Bumper, or custom metal parts for your Hot Rod, or Rat Rod, these are the guys to call. Along with Jason we’re proud to showcase his new website

They also make these awesome Tattered Flags, they have a great collection. You should check them out.

Tattered U.S. Flag from West Texas Plasma

Of course it’s Thanksgiving this Thursday and if you’re looking for something to do you should visit the Amarillo Botanical Gardens. Ryan Loyd and Greg Lusk along with Stacy Lavon and Mrs. Lisa Cross have done a wonderful job. It’s not easy doing what they do and I don’t know how he’s done it but somehow Greg’s managed to not break his neck or a leg hanging all those lights out there. Great Job Greg.

Amarillo Botanical Gardens Christmas in the Gardens

There’s more than 200,000 lights!! They’re a great client and Jon did all of their artwork again this year. Go check it out.

We’re also gearing up for the Amarillo Farm and Ranch Show. That’s next week but one Trent Morgan and his entire crew will be out there representing Morgan & Myers and Panhandle Seamless Gutters, so we’re definitely looking forward to that. It’s at the Amarillo Civic Center just in case you’re interested.

Panhandle Seamless Gutters If you’ve never been you should check it out. There’s something for everyone. Jon designed this banner too.


Last but not least we wanted to share our newest spots for one of our newest clients, Dean Boyd. Dean and his whole office are a great bunch of people to get to know and this was a fun shoot. Let us know what you think !!



Before I forget, we’ve added a new member to the team… for just a short time but still we’re glad to have her. Brittney Schmitt will be interning with us for about six weeks. So far so good, she likes Taco Bell so I bet she’ll do just fine.


Brittney Schmitt That’s her real hair color.


Last week was a busy one.  I’ve been finishing up a wedding video for a good friend of mine and of course with every video you need music.  So, I’ve been looking for songs in Spanish, something upbeat.  The week went on and I had no luck until Friday night while I was listening to Pandora.  “Lo que paso paso” by Daddy Yankee came on and it was a sweet sounds to my ears.  I knew right off the bat that it was the missing piece to the video.  Point of all this you ask??? Well, next time you’re in need of a good upbeat Spanish song, Daddy Yankee should be your first pick.

Now then it’s time for Cameroni’s Corner…

So, we’re still waiting for Cameron’s Podcast. That’s been on hold for at least half a year now. But he does have conspiracy theory involving the Ross and Osage bridge on I-40 that’s in the works. I asked him what his favorite part about Thanksgiving.

He like’s turkey and dressing and all the fixins. This conversation was cut short because Cameroni is currently very interested in Mars. But he says he’s not going there unless there’s a hotel there first. He also has an assasin story. So, according to Cameroni

there’s an assassin on the loose in the Philippines. Cameroni saw a picture of a woman crying on the internet. Her husband fell victim to this said assassin. Point being, the gunman was riding a motorcycle when he drove by and delivered the fatal blow to

his vicitm who was on foot. “What a way to go” says Cameroni.


Thanks for reading you guys !! Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Creative Cannon !!




Election Day

Election Day is finally here and that’s about all we’re going to say about that… because there’s too much to say.

Later this week we’ll be showcasing our newest client’s website… Cameron did a heck of a job and we’re happy to have these guys onboard.

It’s Jon’s Birthday… so we’re doing our best job to stuff him with as much food as possible. We had the “best burger in town” at the Canyon Country Club. Double Meat, Double Cheese, with Bacon for the 31 year old.

I tried to photoshop Jon and failed, so this is obviously not him but that cheeseburger certainly looks a lot like the one he had for lunch today.

Jon Galloway Look Alike eats a Cheeseburger

Now it’s time… for…. drumroll….


After the shoot, you have to review!

As a video editor it’s my job to review every piece of footage from a shoot, make notes, and of course, put the video together.  I’ll have to admit, things get a little tiresome at times especially when there are 2-3 hours of footage to review, but I’ve found a remedy.  “BOOM” by P.O.D. has been on repeat this entire weekend as I review footage.  This song will have you pumped to work, or in my case, pumped to review footage.  Most definitely add this song to your “get things done” music list and prepare to… get things done!
And Last but Not Least….
As we gear up for the Holidays and try to burn off that Halloween Candy that we get from Karol down the hall,  Cameroni wants to encourage physical fitness this week. If you or any of your loved ones are looking for an alternative to jumping on top of boxes, Cameroni says why not kick somebody in the stomach instead. For those of you who don’t know, Cameroni is an Orange Belt and trains at Amarillo Martial Arts Center. You should check it out.
That’s it!!
Thanks for reading and please share!!

The End of Hastings

Hastings Entertainment Store Closes


I have to admit, it’ll be weird to look out the window towards Hastings and not see anybody coming or going. It always made for some good people watching. That was my first job in Amarillo and I made lots of friends while I was there.

Hopefully neither building sits too long before somebody buys them and does something everybody can enjoy as much as we all did Hastings. In it’s last days our friend Kevin Ball did as much to try and save it and even had us

help, check it out.

As promised, here’s a few pictures from Jon’s vacation to D.C. with his family. They all made it back safe and sound. Jon said the internet prices were expensive at the hotel.

Jon and Little Jon at the White House. Jon and Little Jon go to Washington D.C. James Bond car in Washington D.C.

Now then,

James’ Jams!!

The other day I was cleaning out some old drawers and came across some old VHS tapes and my old camcorder, that’s right, I said VHS TAPES lol!  I constantly had my camera on me growing up and literally recorded every little thing I did.  I grabbed a tape, plugged in the camera to the TV and started reviewing what was on the tape.  It was footage from 2003, that’s when I first started break dancing.  One of my favorite songs of all time began to play,  “Jam on This,”  by Newcleus.  That song reminds me so much of my teenage years, especially when I started to dance.  “Jam on This,”  is definitely one of those songs you play when you’re feeling nostalgic or want to pop and lock while at work or home.

James' Jams and Jam on This by Newcleus


And Last but Not Least…

Cameroni’s Corner

So it appears that Cameron is quite pumped about the new Nintendo Switch.  I have to admit it does look pretty cool. Check it out!

Cameroni's Corner and the Nintendo Switch


And in honor of Halloweeny we all ate Sonic corn dogs today!!

Happy Halloweeeny Everybody!!

Creative Cannon Celebrates Halloweeny!!