Thursday, 5 p.m.

It’s been a good week. A Long One, But a Good One.

Two Weeks Ago, we thought laying on the couch for a couple weeks would do us some good. I’m sure that’s still the case but there’s no time for that now.

We’re proud to showcase the following video. West Texas Plasma is one of our newest clients. Jason Evans is a hard working guy who’s trusted us to help him take his Custom Metal Fabrication Shop to the next level and we’ve welcomed the challenge.

When you get a chance, check out

We also have a Very Big Thanks to throw out to Trent Morgan of Morgan & Myers Roofing and Exteriors LLC. His trust in us means a lot and we’re looking forward to 2017. Of course we couldn’t have done it without his sidekicks Reagan June Gamble and Chane Amdahl. I’ve never seen anybody eat a bag of sunflower seeds that fast Chane. Baller.

Since I’m thanking everyone, we can’t forget our good buddy Len Walker. He’s stuck with us through the good and the bad and somehow he keeps answering our phone calls. He even let Cameroni make his debut on the big screen in his newest spot.

Check it out.

On the Deagle Media front, we got a nice surprise this last week from our old friend Craig Tatum… ‘a.k.a.’ VUE.

We’re burning it at both ends to get him a quick turn in time for Christmas so wish us luck. If you see the lights on…. we didn’t forget to turn em off.

They cool thing about this shoot, I think it’s the first time James, Jon, and myself all got to shoot side by side. I think that’s pretty cool.

Jon Galloway, James Pompa, & David Martinez. The Three Amigos. The Three Amigos.


And Now…


We’re almost done!! Here we are, less than three days until Christmas and 9 days until 2017, which I happen to be super excited about.  I have a few more projects to finish before the end of the year but I’m running out of gas. So, I needed something this morning to pump me up. So I decided to put on “Eye of the Tiger,” by Survivor.  I was up this morning working on stuff at 5 a.m. all while doing push ups, hitting pieces of meat dangling from the ceiling and running a few miles.  Just kidding about all that but I was up at 5 this morning.


And Finally,
Unfortunately, Cameroni is not in the office to relay his wisdom to us all. So, I’ve made phone call to get the latest. He’s in Perryton recovering from a little surgery he had earlier this week.
Here’s a Picture from the hospital!! That’s James in the background.
Cameroni Goes to BSA!!
No answer which means he’s probably eating or playing video games, but rest assured he’s fine. I will tell you that when we visited him he was really happy because his hospital gown had a built in heater. I guess that’s an upside to getting your…. I’ll stop.
As always, thanks for taking the time to keep up with us. We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and I’m pretty sure we’ll be back before the New Year so until then.