C’mon 5 o’clock!!!

Not that we actually get to leave at that time… but it’s wishful thinking.

We’ve been burning the midnight oil here at Creative Cannon… Which is a good problem to have.

Friday is a big, big, BIG day for us… we’ve been gearing up for a very big pitch and all the final pieces are coming together. Wish us luck!!


On a side note… if you ever send one of your clients a sample of the work you’re doing for them via cell phone video….

Don’t forget to mute the audio.

That’s the lesson of the day and the blog for this Throwback Thursday or Thirsty Thursday…. Just pick One !!



Cameron want’s everybody to know that the “hashtag” originated in Russia.

And the current number 1 hashtag is…. #Love…. so spread it.

That’s the latest from Cameron’s Corner.