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A blog of our various adventures.

We’re halfway there!

Hope everyone’s having a great week and if not cheer up it’s almost Friday!

Of course, early voting is going on and the big question is who will win this thing. In the meantime here’s an interesting story some of you might

have missed. Just a little something to think about in our ever changing world.

So,in the meantime things are running smoothly here at Creative Cannon, Jon and his family are on vacation. Once I get some pictures I’ll be sure to post them.

If you haven’t been to the Botanical Gardens here in Amarillo, you should make it a point. The leaves are finally falling out there. It’s still very beautiful

and makes for a pretty walk for a very small price. Right now they’re getting ready for their annual Christmas Garden of Lights. If you’ve never been mark your calendars.

I’m keeping the guys busy but not too busy for their segments…. so here you go.



There’s a song I used to listen to while writing papers back in college, and I’ve been having the hardest time trying to remember the name.  But I’m happy to announce I found the song this morning, it’s Ini Kamoze “Here Comes the Hotstepper.” I played this song on the way up the elevator this morning and I honestly felt like a pro fighter walking out onto the arena floor as I stepped off the elevator and made my way down the hall.  This is a good song to play to get you hyped up as you make your way to work.  I guess you can say if I had to choose a theme song for my life it would be this one.




Cameron is looking to create a Netflix type show here in Amarillo. It’s a work in progress and a poster is being considered but there’s a working title “Amateurillo.”

There’s going to be a homeless fellow and several other interesting people. Maybe a cop drama? Another story line could be maybe like a soap opera. Maybe even

tourists could be a part of the crowd. He just mentioned an “Old English” crowd with a Park Ranger. But he’s still not sure if there’s going to be two main characters

or several main characters. He say’s, “I want it to be like a funny Breaking Bad meets Reno 911 and Portlandia.”


You’re thoughts and feedback are always encouraged so please feel free to reply.

That’s it… Take Care.

Parking Lot Races and Sledgehammers

Believe it or not we really do work around here.

Tuesday we saw quite a foot race between Jon Galloway and The Nicky Cortez. Nick bet Jon he could beat him while wearing flip flops.

Here’s the video!!

Of course, the buildup and the fallout has turned into quite a spectacle. Apparently, there’s going to be a follow-up. So I’ll keep you posted.

Nicky had a Donut after the race.


Today’s the day we’ve been waiting and planning for. If all goes as planned we hope to be shooting a series of spots for this client. Once it’s done we’ll be sure to post it up for you guys to see.

In the meantime I’d like to give our friend Rob Izatt a very big thanks for being patient with us. When you get the chance look into Rift Fit.

So, James got in a wreck today.


Not really, we used his car for the shoot.

Notice the technique.

Also notice the quality of video folks. I have an iphone, just because I’ve always had one. This video was shot using James’ Samsung and while they might burn your house down while you’re asleep inside, I have to admit, it’s a much better camera.

Now then,

James’ Jams

There’s this song that I’ve literally been listening to all day, everyday. What’s the song you ask?  It’s the newest song by Bruno Mars “24k.”  This song will have you out of you chair dancing no matter who you are.  I have no clue who produces his music but I’d like to think they are James Brown reincarnated, so FUNKY!  I must warn must you, excessive play of the song may result in zero work getting done.

I’ve occasionally been playing “Koala,”  by Oliver Heldens.  I’m a big fan of EDM tracks that feature vocals.  The beat and the vocals make this song ideal for the ride home.

And lets not forget,

Cameroni’s Corner

What to wear for Halloween…

“Cameron, what are you going to do for a costume?” asks David.

“Probably going to the costume shop and getting the cheapest thing I can find.” replies Cameroni.


I’ll make sure to get you guys a picture. That’s it!! Get back to work!!


Junkyards and Christmas Lights

It’s never the same day around here!! We even picked up a hitchhiker, not my idea, but hey I glued my shoe earlier today so who cares, it’s Friday!!

It looks like everything is coming together for Tuesday.  Earlier this week we were in the studio and today Jon and I went prop hunting at the junkyard.

fullsizerender-copy And I’ve gotta tell you… It’s been a while since I’ve been to the junkyard, and that’s a bummer, but it was just as fantastic as I remember.

I’m pretty sure there were some teenage kids just hanging out. I could tell because they were jumping from one car roof to another. One kid was really good. They even had walkie talkies and then a girl showed up. She was looking for them because

one of those guys was her boyfriend. Love knows no boundaries.

In this black and white picture above you see Jon Galloway walking through the junkyard. Let the meme’s begin.

So, while we were shopping James and Cameron were doing a little decorating.

49817047778__44656fc9-eceb-4b22-b681-1695db4bf0df img_0395

Too early you say? Negative my friends. Negative. Just wait for it.

Above you will see the Christmas lights as well as James. He’s not falling down. Cameron used his skills as a photographer to capture the BBoy in Action.

A big thanks to Mr. Richard Brooks for allowing those two to climb all over his house. Nothing was broken in the process, they say.

So, before I say goodbye I’ll hand over the reigns. We’ll see you back here next week. Have a good weekend and have fun!!


Now then,


Did you know there are No Wal-Marts in Australia?!?! ZERO!!

That almost makes me want to start a branch of Creative Cannon over there, almost. Don’t get this confused with our Creative Cannon UK who we don’t know yet.

Just discovered their website today and thought it was interesting.

Ok, guys sorry about that. I guess the kid was in the sun way too long today. All I tell you is that he got writers block, it happened very quickly. I promise better stuff to come next week.

He has a date on Sunday so I’ll get the details and relay. I foresee a rooftop in my crystal ball.



“When it comes to break time, you don’t want something overwhelming but at the same time you don’t want the creative juices to stop flowing.  “The Wild Trapeze,”  by Brandon Boyd is ideal for down time.  His lyrics keep you up, but the melody mellows you out to the point that you’re actually happy to go back to work after your short break.”



Straight from the horses mouth folks. I just add the pictures.

That’s it, that’s what we call Friday.

Sorry for the Delay!!

Sorry for the delay but somebody has to work around here!!

The entire crew has been busy and that’s the way we like it. We have several projects in the works and we’re putting all the pieces together.

A big thanks to Carlos Casso over at Audio Refinery, he has one of the best studios in town and is great to work with. If you’re a Hank the Cowdog fan, all those audio books are recorded under his steady eye.




Like I said we’ve been busy so before I forget, this pic of these two characters is from Tascosa High School last Thursday. We’ve been doing a little work for our friends Aaron and Ashley Oakes. We’ll keep you updated.

Dinner is calling so I’ll wrap it up with….



The subject tonight… Cameron’s Halloween Costume.

Ken Bone… Ladies and Gentleman


By now you’ve probably heard of this red sweatered specimen. He’s one of the few Americans selected to ask our lovely Presidential Candidates a question during the latest debate.

And Cameron is fascinated… to say the least. Look him up. I’m not lying, you can actually buy a Halloween Costume and look like Mr. Ken Bone. Why not Right?

Cameroni… trend setter???  No doubt.


Meanwhile back at the Ranch, we have a new addition!!



I’m not going to overwhelm you but if you’re looking to get through the week, James’ Jams could be just what the Doctor ordered.

From James:

“When it’s time to work you want something that’s going to keep you in a great mood all day, something with a beat, something with a little bit of funk, and that something is “Parliament Funkadelic.”  That good ol’ funk will keep you focused on your work and have you dancing in your chair all day.”

screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-7-39-38-pm Here’s a picture!!

Great stuff James… he’s not lying about the “dancing in your chair” part at all btw.


I’m still looking for something for Jon so suggestions are still needed!!


That’s it… so from all of us to all of you… Go Vote.


David’s going home now!!

And Thanks for Reading!!


Vacation Anybody??!! Please!!

In case you haven’t heard this album… do it.

It’s much needed after a Tuesday that felt like a Monday.


Creative Cannon is full steam ahead and I’m sure just like everyone else who’s out there working away, you better catch your breath because

that train’s not stopping.


img_2246 Here’s a cool pic I forgot to share from Friday. It’s always awesome when you get to see some of your work on the big screen.

A big thanks to Trent Morgan, who keeps us busy and keeps trusting us with all his needs. If you need a new roof for that house of yours give Morgan & Myers Roofing and Exteriors LLC a Call !!

Time to get back to work! But I haven’t forgotten…. drum roll please!!



In case you didn’t know it, Today, 10.4.16, was recognized around the globe as Taco Tuesday and Cameroni Celebrated like there was no tomorrow.

How many taco’s did he eat???!!!  4

4 Torchys Tacos and chips and queso… topped by a double scoop bowl from Marble Slab.

The best part… as we were leaving Torchys he asks, “Do I get to keep this?!”

Yes, you get to keep that beautiful white plastic Torchys cup.

He says it’s his new water cup.

Yup, all that happened… branding folks. Hook, line and sinker.


Also stay tuned for James’ Jams… he’s working on a playlist.

And I’m looking for something for Jon to do, so any suggestions are very welcome!!


** There was a minor change on the name…

Formerly Cameron’s Corner is now Cameroni’s Corner… you get it. We’re also working on the spelling of that.


Friday, Friday…

They say all good things come to those who wait…

And I’m quite sure that goes hand in hand with a how a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush…

Either way you look at it, there is no substitute for hard work.

I hope everyone had a good week…. and an even better weekend.

Our long week has come to an end and there’s promise of a new client to our list.




Don’t forget the grass is always greener on the other side… unless you water your yard.



Cameron’s Corner

Happy Hour started early for him…

We need an intern…. taking applications now!!



Throwback Thursday, Thirsty Thursday…. Just Pick One

C’mon 5 o’clock!!!

Not that we actually get to leave at that time… but it’s wishful thinking.

We’ve been burning the midnight oil here at Creative Cannon… Which is a good problem to have.

Friday is a big, big, BIG day for us… we’ve been gearing up for a very big pitch and all the final pieces are coming together. Wish us luck!!


On a side note… if you ever send one of your clients a sample of the work you’re doing for them via cell phone video….

Don’t forget to mute the audio.

That’s the lesson of the day and the blog for this Throwback Thursday or Thirsty Thursday…. Just pick One !!



Cameron want’s everybody to know that the “hashtag” originated in Russia.

And the current number 1 hashtag is…. #Love…. so spread it.

That’s the latest from Cameron’s Corner.


Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

It’s easier said than done… hence the absence of our Monday Blog.

But just to recap, yesterday was dominated by the pending debate… which played out as expected.


Chicken and Scotch anyone?!?! A deadly combination by the way.

Today we’re learning how to fly so stay tuned on that action.

In the meantime, happy Tuesday, tomorrows the midpoint so keep your heads up and we’ll see you back here mañana.


Friday, Friday!!

It’s the first day of Fall and it’s Friday…. I don’t think you could ask for a better combination.

And even though it is Friday it definitely feels like a Monday around here. Everybody has their own project going, there’s nothing like multi-tasking. It’s always feels good to finish the week off on a good note.

Thursday brought some new opportunities to our plate thanks to some good friends… we hope to be sharing this new venture with all of you very soon. As a result of yesterday,

Jon’s new nickname is “The Eagle”, he has plenty more but none that can be repeated here. That’s a lot of random thoughts!

I hope everyone’s being safe out there. Have a good weekend and we’ll talk to you guys Monday!!

Welcome to Creative Cannon


So here we go!!

Here’s our first shot at doing some blog work. Don’t get too excited everyone!!

Seriously though, for any of you who don’t know who we are, we’re an advertising agency located in the Herring Bank tower in the heart of Wolflin Village, Amarillo Texas.

We love what we do and there’s good days and bad but we wouldn’t be here without all our wonderful clients.

Ok, so that’s it for now… Hope everyone’s having a good one… and You’ll be hearing from us!